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Steffen Mazanek smazanek at steffen-mazanek.de
Fri Mar 16 11:05:47 EDT 2007


I recently implemented Chess in Haskell. The implementation is not
very efficient, but pretty straightforward from a purely functional
point of view. Simple mate problems can be solved. Have a look at


I used this implementation for Haskell exercises and the
students liked it - probably because of the fact, that it is possible
to write a real Chess program in about 200 lines of code.
I guess implementing such a game is a good thing in Haskell
didactics, in particular the game can easily be divided in several
completely independent modules (board data structure and stuff,
move generator, gametree and minmax algorithm), there are
quick results and the students can experiment a lot. A nice
thing to tell them is the fact, that many of the implemented
functions are not Chess-specific at all, in particular the generation
of the gametree and the application of the minimax algorithm
can be easily generalized.

If somebody is interested I gladly provide the used project
definition and the particular work orders (in German only).

Best regards,

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