[Haskell] Generator Function for Prime Numbers

Jacques Carette carette at mcmaster.ca
Mon Mar 12 19:40:35 EDT 2007

And yet Taral would be wrong and Dave Feustel correct:

There is a polynomial (of degree 25) in 26 variables which generates 
only primes whenever it is positive.  Surprising, yes it is.  Note that 
this polynomial is actually rarely positive!


Taral wrote:
> Not bloody likely.
> On 3/12/07, Dave at haskell.org <Dave at haskell.org> wrote:
>> I have heard that a generator function has been found that generates
>> prime numbers directly using only addition and subtraction. There
>> purportedly have been presentations of this information to selected
>> mathematicians who have verified that the generator function works.
>> But I haven't found any confirmation by googling. Has anyone got
>> wind of this?
>> Thanks,
>> Dave Feustel
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