[Haskell] Announcing harchive-0.2: Backup and restore software in Haskell.

David Brown haskell2 at davidb.org
Sat Mar 10 14:36:21 EST 2007

Announcing release 0.2 of "harchive", a program for backing up and
restoring data.  I've included a brief feature list below.  The code
is available in darcs at:


The package is available from hackage at:


This release fixes some serious problems with the 0.1 release.  No
significant features have been implemented, but the code can now be
compiled with '-O' without causing segfaults.

Dave Brown

Harchive version 0.2:

  - Several changes that change the storage format:

    - Changed protocol and storage format a bit to not encode lengths
      with hashes.

    - Record attributes of root directory.

  - Fix some problems with multiple threads on the SQL binding.  There
    is still a problem, but by only using one OS thread, it doesn't
    appear now.  Multiple simultaneous clients appear to work.

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