[Haskell] Summer of Code questions

Conrad Parker conrad at metadecks.org
Fri Mar 9 03:53:01 EST 2007


just following up from this and some subsequent discussion on #haskell:

On 09/03/07, Donald Bruce Stewart <dons at cse.unsw.edu.au> wrote:
> duncan.coutts:
> > On Fri, 2007-03-09 at 00:39 +0100, Wolfgang Jeltsch wrote:
> >
> > > > > First, what organization is Haskell.org?
> > > > > Is this a real organization, i.e., a legal entity?
> > > >
> > > > No.  (Unlike e.g. the Apache Foundation.)
> > >
> > > Doesn???t this create problems in conjunction with the Summer of Code or is
> > > Google tolerant regarding the legal status of participating organizations?
> >
> > It didn't cause any problem last year.
> Indeed. The majority of .orgs are ad hoc developer groups. Very few are
> actually legal entitites (like Apach or NetBSD).

Some second-hand info regarding discussion on the mentoring
organisation's discussion group (non-public, hence no archive URL):

<rillian> kfish: there was some discussion about umbrella
organizations and incorporation
<rillian> kfish: Leslie recommended organizations incorporate, or get
the Software Freedom Law Center or SPI to handle their financials for
<rillian> but I can't find a statement that this was required
<rillian> I think the idea is that if you have a legal footprint, they
can pay that, and individuals don't have to go through the hassle of
getting a US taxpayer ID number just so they can tell the US gov't
they're not taxable

As I also mentioned on #haskell, there is probably no problem for
haskell.org because it had a successful SoC last year. When I talked
with Leslie after linux.conf.au, she mentioned that she was very very
happy with haskell.org's participation last year because the people
from the Haskell community were so friendly, kind and patient :-)


Conrad (kfish).

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