[Haskell] Summer of Code questions

Wolfgang Jeltsch g9ks157k at acme.softbase.org
Thu Mar 8 16:51:11 EST 2007


I’ve some questions regarding the Haskell.org involvement in the Google Summer 
of Code.

First, what organization is “Haskell.org”?  Is this a real organization, i.e., 
a legal entity?  Does Haskell.org get the $ 500 for each successful project?  
If yes, what does Haskell.org do with this money?

Furthermore, the Google Summer of Code FAQ talks about *the* project of a 
organization which seems to indicate that each organization has only one SoC 
project.  What is the project of the Haskell.org organization then?  Is this 
the general project “The Haskell language plus associated libraries and 

The FAQ says “Mentor organizations must be organizations or individuals 
running an active and viable open source or free software project”.  Does 
this mean that the above-mentioned general project has to be active and 
viable (which it is) or that each concrete idea has to be part of an active 
and viable project?  That is, is it allowed to start a new concrete project 
by letting a student code for it as part of the SoC or wouldn’t this be 
possible since a new project isn’t yet active and viable?

Who decides which ideas will be worked on and who decides which student works 
on which?  What are the obligations of a mentor?  Is it okay to create an 
idea, become the mentor for this idea and propose a concrete student for it?  
What do I have to do to become a mentor?

What are Haskell.org’s criteria for selecting mentors?  According to the 
above-mentioned FAQ, Google wants to know these criteria as specifically as 

Finally, should the ideas chosen so that they are solvable by a student 
working full time on them during the three months of the SoC?  The problem is 
that at many German universities lectures go until July.  At our university, 
for example, lecture time ends in mid of July and is followed by two weeks 
for exams.  So a faithful student would only have the last month for working 
full time on the SoC.

Thank you very much for any clarifications.

Best wishes,

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