[Haskell] math library for Haskell

Gregory Wright gwright at comcast.net
Wed Jul 25 06:52:57 EDT 2007

On Jul 25, 2007, at 6:39 AM, Chris Kuklewicz wrote:

> Alberto Ruiz wrote:
>> I have included a binding to gsl_sf_gamma in the darcs repo of  
>> GSLHaskell:
>> http://dis.um.es/~alberto/GSLHaskell/doc/GSL-Special.html#v%3Agamma
>> I will try to upload to hackage a recent version of the library in  
>> a few days.
>> Alberto
> It occurs to me that generating the binding for all the GSL  
> "Special" functions by hand may be labor intensive.  Would it be  
> reasonable to have a (perhaps customized) tool generate the  
> wrapping code?

I have some functions that make wrapping the GSL special functions  
much simpler.  I've used them
to wrap all of the Airy and Bessel functions.  The process could be  
automated, but there are a few
more cases than convenient.  (For example, the computationally  
expensive functions take an additional
argument specifying how much precision is desired.)  It wouldn't be  
too much work to automate the
most common cases (double arg, double return and double arg, error  
struct return); perhaps doing the
remainder by hand is reasonable.

I also have bindings for all of the ODE integration routines and all  
of the numerical differentiation
routines.  All are low level, just exposing the underlying GSL  
routines without any "convenience wrapper".
I can make them available if anyone is interested.

Best Wishes,

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