[Haskell] math library for Haskell

Chris Kuklewicz haskell at list.mightyreason.com
Wed Jul 25 06:39:10 EDT 2007

Alberto Ruiz wrote:
> I have included a binding to gsl_sf_gamma in the darcs repo of GSLHaskell:
> http://dis.um.es/~alberto/GSLHaskell/doc/GSL-Special.html#v%3Agamma
> I will try to upload to hackage a recent version of the library in a few days.
> Alberto

It occurs to me that generating the binding for all the GSL "Special" functions 
by hand may be labor intensive.  Would it be reasonable to have a (perhaps 
customized) tool generate the wrapping code?

I am interested since I just ported various data processing from Mathematica to 
GSL plus C code.  (At the moment much of what I use (e.g. interpolation) is not 
in the GSL wrapper).

   Chris Kuklewicz

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