[Haskell] [Fwd: Re: Computer Language Shootout]

Fawzi Mohamed fawzi at gmx.ch
Mon Feb 26 14:14:51 EST 2007

Thanks for the answers Bulat and Andrzej,

so it seems that I was a little to naive, I think that I have  
understood what Andrzej wanted to say,
but I still don't buy it all.
With google I could find only something on Algebraic Dynamic  
Programming (links to the others?), there they went from an embedded  
haskell implementation to a direct compiler implementation.

 From what I understood I believe that mis-performance in that case  
came from the embedded nature of the DSL
1) not having a specialized parsing step (making the usage more  
2) no abstract representation of the program that could be optimized  
with special transformations relative to the DSL
3) not fully optimized kernel methods

writing a real compiler for that language made sense, and also the  
choice of c as language for it, but I think that it would have been  
possible to write it in haskell without a big performance hit. I  
haven't seen that haskell compiler significantly worse than others  
except in really low level   computational code, which (with more  
effort than with C) can be optimized so that it is not really so  
terribly worse.


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