[Haskell] Re: ANNOUNCE: GHC version 6.8.2

Benjamin L. Russell dekudekuplex at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 21 05:40:47 EST 2007

Thank you; yes, that will work for the time being,
until an option for specifying the %HOME% directory is
re-incorporated back into a future version of GHCi.

It would probably be better if GHCi simply looked for
.ghci in the location specified by the %HOME%
environmental variable (which can be customized),
instead of the one in the %HOMEPATH% variable (which

One of the best solutions, in my opinion, would be if
GHCi looked for .ghci in a location specified by a
custom %GHCHOME% environmental variable, since the
%HOME% variable is also used by Emacs.  That way, I
could put .ghci in a location separate from both the
Emacs and OS home directories.

Benjamin L. Russell

--- Simon Marlow <simonmarhaskell at gmail.com> wrote:

> Benjamin L. Russell wrote:
> > This fixed the problem, and on Windows XP
> > Professional, I was able to set GHCi to find .ghci
> in
> > %HOMEPATH%, which turned out to be c:\Documents
> and
> > Settings\<username>.
> > 
> > However, I would like to override this setting,
> and
> > either have GHCi look for .ghci in %HOME%, as
> opposed
> > to %HOMEPATH% (so that this value is not
> automatically
> > set by the OS), or to set %HOMEPATH% itself to be
> > c:\home.
> > 
> > However, when I go to the Control Panel, then to
> the
> > System applet, then to the Advanced tab, then
> click on
> > the Environment Variables button, and then create
> an
> > environmental variable called "HOMEPATH" (either
> local
> > or global), this setting does not override the
> default
> > setting for this environmental variable, and GHCi
> > still looks for .ghci in the default location
> > (c:\Documents and Settings\<username>).
> > 
> > Does anybody know how to cause GHCi to look for
> .ghci
> > in c:\home?
> Create a .ghci file in c:\Documents And
> Settings\<user>, with the following 
> contents:
> :cmd readFile "c:\\home\\.ghci"
> Cheers,
> 	Simon
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