[Haskell] Re: Newbie: what are the advantages of Haskell?

Rafael verganic at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 16:17:40 EDT 2007

> Hi
> HTTP. We also need better availability of libraries, and a more
> standard and reliable way to install them and specify their
> dependencies. We could also do with a good debugger. These are being
> addressed by the Google Summer of Code project.

Hi Neil, a good debugger ? What is in Google Summer of Code about it ?

I just found it:
that havent student related.

I was studing about debuging techs for haskell to build a nice
debugging enviorment in HIDE or some other IDE. It's my bacharelor
final work.

I and my teacher are thoughting about trying "observes" in a transparent way.
The user click and point to in a source local... but the observes dont
appear in the code.  We will try integrate another technique from HAT
in this imaginary (still)debugging interface.

If you or some other has suggestions to me, please.


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