[Haskell] Software Engineering and Functional Programming (withHaskell)

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Take a look at "World Class Product Certification using Erlang" by Ulf Wiger et al. It's about a real project, not a scientific experiment, but even so it aims to demonstrate some of the claims made for FP. It's Erlang, not Haskell, but that doesn't really matter. The product is certainly a "significant system"--it's 1.5 million lines of Erlang, and is in use in Ericsson-supplied telephone networks around the world. But it's not built exclusively with Erlang, and actually I think that's an unreasonable demand--virtually any large system is built with a mixture of languages. In this case there are 2 million lines of C doing low-level data transport.

I'm sure you'll find the Commercial Users of Functional Programming workshops interesting too, although there are only slides available in most cases, not papers. There are many "success stories" there.

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  Hi all,

  I'm a Software Engineering (SE) Master's degree student at CMU. As part of the program, each of us needs to present a topic that's related to SE. I am picking Functional Programming with Haskell as the topic as I believe it has a lot of direct impact on SE due to its nature that requires a the whole new world of thinking process, design, analysis, development, testing, and deployment. 

  Unfortunately my instructor disagrees that the topic is relevant. In his response, he mentioned that he will accept the topic only if I can prove the following.

  Haskell has been around for quite a while.  To convince me,
  you'll have to give me references that I can read about
  nontrivial examples of significant software systems already
  built exclusively with Haskell which includes the software 
  engineering principles applied in this environment and the
  software measures that demonstrate the claims. I
  welcome the opportunity for you to provide me with such
  in-depth research references to support your viewpoint. 

  Straight of the bat, I have very limited visibility in terms of finding him the resources to prove this. I am wondering if any of you all here could shed some light where I can find a couple compelling evidences to convince him. In fact, my presentation topic is not specifically tied to Haskell but more to FP. So any resources that provide such information on FP in general would do as well.



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