[Haskell] Haskell web forum

Christian Neumann christian at altfrau.de
Thu Sep 21 03:41:03 EDT 2006

Am Thu, 21 Sep 2006 08:07:36 +0100
schrieb "David House" <dmhouse at gmail.com>:

> I happen to think this would be a good idea from a newbie's point of
> view.
As a real Haskell newbie I must say that this is (IMHO) a very bad idea.
It's annoying to register on yet another forum just to ask one question
(and even more to regularly use it). With your e-mail client, its clear
how to register, how to post, and how to quickly leave the list if you
have enough of it. In the case of a forum, you have to learn from
scratch (yeah, not as hard as understanding monads.. ;) ).
Maybe it would be nice to have a "WebToList-Gateway": you can post your
question with a form on some webpage and it gets delivered to the list.
When someone answers to your question, the gateway app notifies you by
email. _This_ would be comfortable for one-off questions :)
Some also mentioned the benefits of having different topics (sub
forums) in forums. But iirc, mailman does also supports topics per


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