[Haskell] 6th Memory Management Network Workshop

Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Fri Sep 8 07:38:50 EDT 2006

[ posting on behalf of Richard Jones [R.E.Jones at kent.ac.uk] ]

   *           Call for Contributions           *
   *   6th Memory Management Network Workshop   *
   *   Cambridge UK, Friday 10th November 2006  *

We are pleased to announce the sixth UK MM-NET workshop, a day
for talks on:
   - recent memory management research;
   - issues and experiences using memory management;
   - future demands and directions for study.

where we define memory management broadly to include topics
such as: 
   - garbage collection of main-memory, persistent and 
     distributed systems, 
   - explicit dynamic memory allocation/de-allocation, 
   - measurement of memory system workloads, such as access 
     patterns and object demographics, 
   - interactions between programming languages, operating 
     systems and hardware.

We aim to strengthen the network of researchers and developers,
as a resource to improve all our results -- be they in research
or commercial application.  If you have a new result, tool, or
war-story, the workshop is an ideal informal setting to spread
the word about it.

The following subjects are of particular interest for this
   - language VMs;
   - improving adoption of better memory management practice.

To contribute a talk or demonstration, please contact the
Programme Co-chairs.  Slots can be from as little as 20 minutes
up to 1 hour.  The day will run from 10am to 5pm.  Researchers
and developers are welcome to attend; there is no attendance
fee, but registration is required.

The workshop will be held at the University Centre, Cambridge,
UK, and is sponsored by Ravenbrook Limited.


Talks on all memory management topics will be considered.
Please contact the Programme Co-chairs: Richard Jones of the
University of Kent, and Richard Kistruck of Ravenbrook Limited,
at: mmw06 at ravenbrook.com.  Presentation of recent and ongoing
work is welcomed: workshop presentations are not considered to
be publications of original research (thus do not present a bar
to submissions to other conferences or journals).  Informal
demonstrations of working systems and tools are also welcomed.


Ravenbrook Limited is acting as registration secretary.
Please email mmw06 at ravenbrook.com to register.



MM-NET is a network of researchers, interested in memory
management for programming languages.  The project's mission is
to strengthen collaboration between UK industry and academia to
further research and development of advanced memory management
systems.  MM-NET's previous workshops have been highly
successful in this respect, bringing together researchers with
interests ranging from logics for reasoning about memory use to
developers of embedded systems.

Ravenbrook Limited is a software engineering consultancy with
expertise in memory management, programming language
implementation, and wider software engineering issues.
Ravenbrook develops the MPS (Memory Pool System), a flexible
open-source memory management and garbage collection framework.
Ravenbrook is based in Cambridge, UK.

Richard Jones
Richard Kistruck
Workshop co-chairs

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