[Haskell] ANN: Initial release of Quark Framework (tools and CAL language)

Luke Evans luke.evans at businessobjects.com
Sun Oct 15 02:20:34 EDT 2006

Further to the recent announcement here regarding the Business Objects Quark
Framework for Java and its CAL language, I'm pleased to announce the
availability of the first downloadable software, as well as some extra
documents ("Effective CAL" and "Gem Cutter Manual").

This initial software release is designed primarily for those wishing to
explore the CAL language, the Gem Cutter graphical language, and ICE (the
interactive shell).  In a short while (a week or two), we will update this
release with the addition of an Eclipse plug-in (providing a CAL editor) and
the full Java SDK for embedding functional logic into 'regular' Java
applications, with dynamic control over the generation of new functions and
their evaluation.  

There is a new home for downloading Quark Framework resources and getting
the latest news:

A new discussion forum has also been set up to handle Q&A, feedback and the
exchange of code samples.  Details on the main Quark Framework page as
above.  Pending the release of the Eclipse editor, we have posted a CAL mode
for the jEdit editor on the forum.



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