[Haskell] Re: Getting a function dependency graph from source

Durward McDonell durward.mcdonell at jhuapl.edu
Thu Oct 12 11:10:01 EDT 2006

Yes, this is exactly what I wanted!  Thanks, and thanks for writing
it all in the first place. :-)

However, I haven't quite been able to get it to work fully.  I did
get it installed and running, after I took the advice about using
the latest versions and just installing the binaries.  I even got
pfe to add all my files and all the relevant ghc-6.4.2 libraries
and Prelude.  However, "pfe chase" only worked on my files, and
not on, say, /usr/local/src/ghc-6.4.2/libraries/base/parsec.  I
had to add all the ghc files one at a time.  Also, now that pfe
is satisfied that it needs no more modules, if I run "pfe deps",
for example, it complains that I have many undefined export
entries.  All of the functions listed are Prelude functions.
I have the "prelude" option set to True.  It seems like I'm very
close.  What am I doing wrong?

Here's the output of "pfe options", fwiw:

Flags {prel = True, plogic = True, cpp = Just "/lib/cpp -traditional -P
-D__HASKELL98__ -D__PFE__

Thanks again.

On Wed, 2006-10-11 at 16:32 -0700, Thomas Hallgren wrote:
> Hi,
> The pfe command line tool from the Programatica Project has functionality that
> seems to fit fairly well with what you are asking for:
> 	pfe deps   -- lists function level dependencies
> 	pfe needed -- lists everything needed by a definition
> 	pfe dead   -- lists unused definitions
> 	pfe slice  -- extract a slice by eliminating unused defintions
> For more information, and downloads, see
>     http://www.cse.ogi.edu/~hallgren/Programatica/download/
> Thomas H
> Durward McDonell wrote:
> > Hello.  This seems like a basic question, but I haven't
> > been able to find an answer.  I have a pile of Haskell
> > code that is compiled into a library, and a Haskell program
> > that uses this library.  What I would like is something
> > that will look at my program and follow the function calls
> > until it gets to the Prelude.  I want to know which functions
> > in the library and in the Prelude actually get used (at
> > least potentially).
> > 
Durward McDonell
durward.mcdonell at jhuapl.edu

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