[Haskell] ANN: System.FilePath 0.11

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 14:23:37 EST 2006



I am hereby announcing System.FilePath 0.11, which hopefully is pretty
close to final now. This library manipulates FilePath's correctly on
both Posix and Windows.


(Includes a darcs repo, a .tar.gz, haddock documentation etc)


I made some changes in response to comments by Simon Marlow:

Removed addFileName, renamed the path splitting to searchPath, renamed
shortPath to makeRelative.

I did not follow two of his suggestions: removing
isDirectory/asDirectory, removing splitPath. (I note these so it is
easy to see which suggestions/point are outstanding easily)

I also fixed some of the documentation (thanks to Evan) and added a
few more properties.

All in all, not much changed.


If you import System.FilePath.Version_0_10 then nothing will have
changed. If you import System.FilePath.Version_0_11 then you'll get
the new version. The original Version_0_09 will also continue to work
unmodified. Hopefully no one will have any compatability issues.


We seem to be getting towards the stage where most people who want a
FilePath library in a similar spirit to this are reasonably happy with
this one. Unless anyone comes up with anything too big, I'm going to
propose this for the base library in a few days. Can everyone with an
opinion on that issue please hold off for a few days.



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