[Haskell] UTP'07 at IFM: Unifying Theories of Programming

Jeremy.Gibbons at comlab.ox.ac.uk Jeremy.Gibbons at comlab.ox.ac.uk
Mon Nov 20 11:36:26 EST 2006

                        First call for papers

           UTP'07 at IFM: Unifying Theories of Programming

   Organised as a special session of IFM 2007, the Sixth International
   Conference on Integrated Formal Methods

   IFM 2007 will be held at St Anne's College, Oxford, UK, from the
   2nd to the 6th of July, 2007


   This special session follows the successful First International
   Symposium on Unifying Theories of Programming, UTP'06, and aims to
   reaffirm the significance of the ongoing UTP project, to encourage
   efforts to advance it by providing a focus for the sharing of
   results by those already actively contributing, and to raise
   awareness of the benefits of unifying theoretical frameworks among
   the wider computer science and software engineering communities.

   Technical contributions are invited on the UTP themes of
   abstraction, refinement, choice, termination, feasibility,
   concurrency and communication, as well as related issues.  These
   themes include, but are not limited to, linkage of theories,
   algebraic descriptions, healthiness conditions, normal forms,
   incorporation of probabilistic programming, timed calculi, and
   object-based descriptions.

   The deadline for paper submission is 29th January 2007.  The
   submission mechanism - via the website - will allow authors to
   indicate that the paper should be considered for the UTP special

   Session co-chairs:

   Phil Brooke          University of Teesside, UK
   Yifeng Chen          University of Durham, UK

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