[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: Google Summer of Code Projects

Paolo Martini paolo at nemail.it
Wed May 24 10:28:34 EDT 2006

Donald Bruce Stewart ha scritto:
> We are very pleased to announce that nine Haskell projects have been
> selected to receive funding to the value of $45k under Google's 2006
> Summer of Code program. A wide range of projects will be worked on,
> contributing to the community important tools and libraries. The
> students have until August 21 to complete their projects, and receive
> their grants.
> The Haskell.org team of mentors would like to thank Google for
> recognizing the importance of supporting the Haskell language and
> community.
> This year was extremely competitive, with over 110 Haskell project
> submissions. Of these, 38 projects received high scores and willing
> mentors, and 66 received positive reviews overall. We hope that many of
> the unsuccessful projects will be worked on nonetheless. 
> The following projects were successful. Congratulations to these students!
>   * Fast Mutable Collection Types for Haskell, 
>     Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho, 
>     Mentor: Audrey Tang
>   * Port Haddock to use GHC, 
>     David Waern, 
>     Mentor: Simon Marlow
>   * A model for client-side scripts with HSP, 
>     Joel Bj�rnson, 
>     Mentor: Niklas Broberg
>   * GHCi based debugger for Haskell, 
>     Jos� Iborra L�pez, 
>     Mentor: David Himmelstrup
>   * HaskellNet, 
>     Jun Mukai, 
>     Mentor: Shae Erisson
>   * Language.C - a C parser written in Haskell, 
>     Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom, 
>     Mentor: Manuel Chakravarty
>   * Implement a better type checker for Yhc, 
>     Mathieu Boespflug, 
>     Mentor: Malcolm Wallace
>   * Thin out cabal-get and integrate in GHC, 
>     Paolo Martini, 
>     Mentor: Isaac Jones
>   * Unicode ByteString, Data.Rope, Parsec for generic strings, 
>     Spencer Janssen, 
>     Mentor: Don Stewart
> We wish the students good luck and good hacking!
> The Haskell.org Team.

It's a rad to be working on an Haskell project for this year's Summer
of Code!

I would like to hug personally every person who spent time on the
project so far -- thank you for volunteering, for the incredible number
of interesting ideas, and for the support! :-)

Google is also doing a great job in recognizing the power of the
language and the community.  Thank you very much.

Hoping to hear from the other students as well, have a joyous Summer!

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