[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: Google Summer of Code Projects

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Wed May 24 06:29:22 EDT 2006

We are very pleased to announce that nine Haskell projects have been
selected to receive funding to the value of $45k under Google's 2006
Summer of Code program. A wide range of projects will be worked on,
contributing to the community important tools and libraries. The
students have until August 21 to complete their projects, and receive
their grants.

The Haskell.org team of mentors would like to thank Google for
recognizing the importance of supporting the Haskell language and

This year was extremely competitive, with over 110 Haskell project
submissions. Of these, 38 projects received high scores and willing
mentors, and 66 received positive reviews overall. We hope that many of
the unsuccessful projects will be worked on nonetheless. 

The following projects were successful. Congratulations to these students!

  * Fast Mutable Collection Types for Haskell, 
    Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho, 
    Mentor: Audrey Tang

  * Port Haddock to use GHC, 
    David Waern, 
    Mentor: Simon Marlow

  * A model for client-side scripts with HSP, 
    Joel Björnson, 
    Mentor: Niklas Broberg

  * GHCi based debugger for Haskell, 
    José Iborra López, 
    Mentor: David Himmelstrup

  * HaskellNet, 
    Jun Mukai, 
    Mentor: Shae Erisson

  * Language.C - a C parser written in Haskell, 
    Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom, 
    Mentor: Manuel Chakravarty

  * Implement a better type checker for Yhc, 
    Mathieu Boespflug, 
    Mentor: Malcolm Wallace

  * Thin out cabal-get and integrate in GHC, 
    Paolo Martini, 
    Mentor: Isaac Jones

  * Unicode ByteString, Data.Rope, Parsec for generic strings, 
    Spencer Janssen, 
    Mentor: Don Stewart

We wish the students good luck and good hacking!

The Haskell.org Team.

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