[Haskell] Network advice needed

Andreas Marth Andreas-Haskell at gmx.net
Fri Mar 31 01:38:22 EST 2006


While I am not a Haskell newbie I am a network newbie and need your advice.

A few years ago I coded some business logic in Haskell which is used in an
application. The application mainly consists of a GUI which calls the
Haskell program. The whole application is installed at the computer it is
used on.

Now it shall be possible to use it from any computer within the company net.
(They use Windows and any kind of scripting or ActiveX is okay when needed.)
Because response time is an issue I think a client/server solution is not

What I need to know now is if it is possible to pull the application from a
server and run it locally.

What would be required? What is the way to go? Which kind of complications
are to be expected?

(To clarify a bit more I am not concerned about the GUI that will be
reimplemented - probably in JAVA - I am concerned about the business logic.)

Any help, hints, thoughts are really appreciated. :-)


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