[Haskell] Problems compiling hs-plugins

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Fri Mar 3 21:32:04 EST 2006

> Please, can anyone help me with this problem:
> I just downloaded hs-plugins version 1.0-rc0. (BTW, the stable version 
> is not accessible). I configure it (according to the README) and 
> everything seems to be ok. However when I try to build it, I get:
> aare: .../haskell/hs-plugins > ./Setup.lhs build
> Setup.lhs: Warning: The field "hs-source-dir" is deprecated, please use 
> hs-source-dirs.
> Preprocessing library plugins-1.0...
> Building plugins-1.0...
> Chasing modules from: 
> AltData.Dynamic,AltData.Typeable,Language.Hi.Binary,Language.Hi.FastMutInt,Language.Hi.FastString,Language.Hi.Parser,Language.Hi.PrimPacked,Language.Hi.Syntax,System.Eval,System.Eval.Haskell,System.Eval.Utils,System.MkTemp,System.Plugins,System.Plugins.Consts,System.Plugins.Env,System.Plugins.Load,System.Plugins.LoadTypes,System.Plugins.Make,System.Plugins.Package,System.Plugins.PackageAPI,System.Plugins.ParsePkgConfCabal,System.Plugins.Parser,System.Plugins.Process,System.Plugins.Utils
> [ 1 of 24] Compiling AltData.Typeable ( src/AltData/Typeable.hs, 
> dist/build/AltData/Typeable.o )
> src/AltData/Typeable.hs:452:0:
>     parse error (possibly incorrect indentation)
> Looking at the source reveals that src/AltData/Typeable.hs contains 
> macro calls to generate instances for class Typeable<N>, e.g. 
> INSTANCE_TYPEABLE1([],listTc,"[]")
> However, I could not find any definition for these macros. Nor does the 
> package docs mention what to install in order to get them.
> Any ideas? Don?
> Ben


Thanks for noticing the missing stable release. Looks like the network
guys tweaked something without telling me. This will get fixed soon.

This Typeable macro issue is due to the Typeable.h header, which used to
be distributed with GHC. It's not distributed with the GHC head anymore
-- are you using ghc 6.5?

You can work around it by copying Typeable.h from the darcs repository
into the include/ directory of your ghc distribution, or using ghc 6.4.x

In the longer term, I'll either distribute my own Typeable.h, or
actually fix the underlying problem with typeables and dynamic linking
that requires this stuff in the first place.

Thanks for the note.

-- Don

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