[Haskell] Re: haskell.org Public Domain

David Menendez zednenem at psualum.com
Tue Jan 10 20:12:39 EST 2006

Wolfgang Jeltsch writes:

> Maybe we should start with forcing everything on the wiki to be
> licensed under a permissive license.  We could use the one Udo
> proposed.  Or we could use a BSD-style license so that we can
> incorporate parts of already existing BSD-style-licensed material.
> BSD is also rather permissive.

How well would BSD work with wiki content? If I see a useful bit of code
on the wiki and I want to use it, BSD requires me to acknowledge the
author's copyright, but who is the author?

As a concrete example, the old wiki has an implementation of Ralf
Hinze's nondeterminism monad. If I use that in a project, do I need to
credit Ralf? The person who typed it into the wiki? Anyone who modified
it? The wiki itself?

How much code do you need to borrow from the wiki before you need to
provide an acknowledgement?
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