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Udo Stenzel u.stenzel at web.de
Tue Jan 10 15:03:23 EST 2006

Wolfgang Jeltsch wrote:
> There is already one important objection written on the wiki: You cannot put 
> your work into the public domain in every country.

So instead you license it under the conditions of "Do whatever you
please with it, but don't bug me", which is what is commonly understood
as public domain anyway and is damn well possible in Germany.

Can we please settle on a "This work may be used freely for any purpose
and comes without any expressed or implied warranty" and just _link_ to
existing works that don't fit in?  Thinking about the subject matter is
hard enough, thinking about creating licensing pitfalls is best left to
lawyers and other parasi^W specialists.

"Never attribute to benevolence that which is adequately explained by
	-- McCaughans Razor
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