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Mon Jan 9 18:53:33 EST 2006

G'day all.

Quoting Ashley Yakeley <ashley at semantic.org>:

> Does anyone have any objections to putting everything in the public
> domain?

No, with the proviso that individual page authors can override that on
the page itself.  There is a disincentive for authors to do this, because
their material may be deleted instead of refactored.  On the other hand,
I can think of some scenarios where this may be necessary, such as an
author republishing material from one of their scientific papers where
the publisher holds an odd copyright.

While I'd prefer public domain, obviously (it's more useful), I don't
think that retaining attribution is an unreasonable request if an author
wants it for whatever reason.  The MediaWiki Way(tm) to do attribution
is not the same as the C2 Way(tm).  It would not involve dragging
signatures unless it's specifically a discussion page.

Would it be possible to manage attribution automatically?

Andrew Bromage

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