[Haskell] New look for haskell.org: MediaWiki

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 21:20:35 EST 2006

> This is something worth debating.  Certainly you can ask the author of
> the code for permission to use it but this is an extra burden.  Would
> be nice to have a special wiki construct to mark content as posessing
> an "extra" license.  The whole license debate should take place as
> soon as possible before we get a lot of content in there.  I'm not
> wedded to the FDL.

Is there any reason for not putting the content under a "do whatever
you want with it" license (i.e. Public Domain or BSD), and then (if
necessary) allowing people to mark certain contributions with
additional restrictions? Especially given GHC is released under the

I can't imagine anything anyone would be able to do with the content,
which would be "bad" and would be stopped by something like the FDL.



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