[Haskell] New look for haskell.org: MediaWiki

John Peterson peterson-john at cs.yale.edu
Sun Jan 8 21:12:50 EST 2006

>> wiki is under the GNU FDL so the licenses are not necessarily
>> compatible.

>As far as I understand, this means that if I see a sample of code on
>the haskell wiki, and just want to "steal" it for my project, I'm not
>allowed to, unless I also release my code under the GNU FDL?

This is something worth debating.  Certainly you can ask the author of
the code for permission to use it but this is an extra burden.  Would
be nice to have a special wiki construct to mark content as posessing
an "extra" license.  The whole license debate should take place as
soon as possible before we get a lot of content in there.  I'm not
wedded to the FDL.

>And another point, will this wiki be backed up? I am lead to believe
>that the existing hawiki isn't, so I keep backups of sections I'm
>involved with.

We back up all of haskell.org except some of the old ghc releases.
That shouldn't be a problem.

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