[Haskell] Re: Streams: the extensible I/O library

Aaron Denney wnoise at ofb.net
Mon Feb 6 13:46:56 EST 2006

On 2006-02-06, Bulat Ziganshin <bulatz at HotPOP.com> wrote:
> Hello
> I have developed a new I/O library that IMHO is so sharp that it can
> eventually replace the current I/O facilities based on using Handles.
> The main advantage of the new library is its strong modular design
> using typeclasses. The library consists of small independent modules,
> each implementing one type of stream (file, memory buffer, pipe) or
> one part of common stream functionality (buffering, Char encoding,
> locking). 3rd-party libs can easily add new stream types and new
> common functionality. Other benefits of the new library include
> support for streams functioning in any monad, Hugs and GHC
> compatibility, high speed and an easy migration path from the existing
> I/O library.
> You can find further information about the library at the page
> http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/Library/Streams and download it as
> http://freearc.narod.ru/Streams.tar.gz
> I thank Jean Philippe Bernardy, Jared Updike and Henk Jan Van Tuyl,
> who are corrected library documentation
> ps: the library also includes two more layers - binary I/O and
> serialization - on top of Streams. now i'm hardly working on
> documenting these modules

Disclaimer: I haven't looked at the code yet.

Having binary I/O on top seems backwards.  Clearly text should be
implemented in terms of binary, rather than the reverse.

Aaron Denney

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