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Sun Feb 5 17:26:13 EST 2006

Hi Brett,

To the best of my knowledge the interface and implementation of Fran
and FRP were not organized around monads.  There was briefly an
experimental "New Fran" used by FranTk that used monads for
implementation.  That implementation had some fundamental issues with
referential transparency so was largely abandoned.

Nevertheless, Yampa does reflect a rather different approach to
embedding a dataflow DSL in Haskell than earlier Fran and FRP designs.
 I wrote an informal account of some of the issues with Fran and FRP
that motivated our move to an Arrows-based interface in Chapter 3 of
my thesis:

Hope that helps.

Best Regards,


On 2/3/06, Brett G. B. Wortzman <wortzman at fas.harvard.edu> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm doing my undergraduate thesis on monads, comonads, and arrows and
> their applications.  I've been focusing part of my research on the Yale
> Haskell group's work on Functional reactive programming, and specifically
> on their move from a monadic to an arrow-based implemenation (as in
> http://haskell.cs.yale.edu/yale/papers/haskellworkshop02/index.html).
> I've been unable to find any literature that really gives a good
> explanation of why they chose to make this move, however.  Can anybody
> shed some light on why arrows were seen as a better choice for this?
> Also, does anyone know if there's been any research about implementing FRP
> with comonads?  I can't find any literature about it, but I'm not sure if
> it's never been looked into, or just attempted and determined to be a bad
> idea.  If the latter, I'd be interested to know why.
> Thanks,
> Brett Wortzman
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