[Haskell] CUFP Final Program and Early Registration Deadline Reminder

Kathleen Fisher kfisher at research.att.com
Wed Aug 16 02:14:41 EDT 2006

Hi all!

Reminder! The early registration deadline for Commercial Users of  
Functional Programing (CUFP) is this Friday, August 18.

Registration is available from the ICFP registration page:


CUFP will take place on Thursday, September 21st, the day after ICFP.

The final program for CUFP is now available:

8:30	Haskell and the Linspire Toolchain.
         Clifford Beshers, Linspire Inc.
9:00	Automated Testing of Reactive Systems with SML.
         Steve Sims, Reactive Systems, Inc.
9:30	Scheme in Space.
         Richard Cleis, Air Force Research Lab.
10:00	B R E A K
10:30	Mission Critical OCaml: Experiences using FP in Finance.
         Yaron Minsky, Jane Street Capital. abstract
11:00	Why Functional Programming Matters to Credit Suisse.
         Gabriele Keller and Lennart Augustsson, Credit Suisse First  
Boston. abstract
11:30	Group Discussion: Mixed Mode Approaches and/or Finding Employees.
12:00	L U N C H
2:00	Analysis of Microprocessor Components with a Functional
         Language-based Formal Verification Toolbox.
         Roope Kaivola, Intel Corporation.
2:30	Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: Selling Bluespec to Hardware  
         Rishiyir Nihkil, Bluespec, Inc.
3:00	Group Discussion: Adoption of New Technology: Making the Case.
3:30	B R E A K
4:00	Artifically Intelligent Haskell.
         J. Garret Morris, Aetion Inc.
4:30	Betting on Functional Programming and Winning.
         Erik Stenman, Kreditor.
5:00	Wrap-Up.
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