[Haskell] Problem with comboBox

L. J. djsenda at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 14:36:56 EDT 2006

 I have send this mail to the gtkhs at haskell.org mailing list. I do not
know if this list is active, so I reply the mail in this one. If the
other list is active, I'm sorry.

 Hi, i'm making my first graphic interface program with Haskell. I use
Glade and Gtk+2.0. I create an empty comboBox with Glade and I want to
add items (strings) in run time (by means of the haskell code). I
tried with the functions 'comboBoxAppendText' and 'comboBoxInsertText'
but I can not do anything for display the information I want. This
functions require to work with a comboBox creates with the constructor
comboBoxNewText (and I think this constructor is not the used by
Glade). I can create it from Glade? I can do I want by another method?

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