[Haskell] Haskell Workshop 2006 Call for participation

Andres Loeh loeh at iai.uni-bonn.de
Mon Aug 14 02:34:22 EDT 2006

Please note that the early registration deadline is August 18, 2006.

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                     ACM SIGPLAN 2006 Haskell Workshop
                           Call for Participation

                              Portland, Oregon
                         Sunday, September 17, 2006


   The Haskell Workshop 2006 will be part of the 2006 International
   Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP).

   The purpose of the Haskell Workshop is to discuss experience with
   Haskell, and possible future developments for the language. The scope
   of the workshop includes all aspects of the design, semantics, theory,
   application, implementation and teaching of Haskell.

Preliminary Schedule

   08:25 Welcome

   Session I

   08:30 Stephanie Weirich (University of Pennsylvania)
         RepLib: A Library for Derivable Type Classes

   09:00 Deling Ren and Martin Erwig (Oregon State University)
         A Generic Recursion Toolbox for Haskell
            (Or: Scrap Your Boilerplate Systematically)

   09:30 Alexandra Silva (CWI, The Netherlands)
            and Joost Visser (Universidade do Minho, Portugal)
         Strong Types for Relational Databases (Functional Pearl)

   10:00 Break

   Session II

   10:30 Koji Kagawa (RISE, Kagawa University)
         Polymorphic Variants in Haskell

   11:00 Dana N. Xu (University of Cambridge)
         Extended Static Checking for Haskell

   11:30 Philip Derrin, Kevin Elphinstone, Gerwin Klein, David Cock and
            Manuel M.T. Chakravarty (University of New South Wales)
         Running the Manual: An Approach to High-Assurance
            Microkernel Development

   12:00 Iavor S. Diatchki (OGI) and
            Mark P. Jones (Portland State University)
         Strongly Typed Memory Areas -- Programming Systems-Level
            Data Structures in a Functional Language

   12:30 Lunch

   Session III

   14:00 Peter Thiemann (Universit?t Freiburg)
         User-Level Transactional Programming in Haskell

   14:30 Simon Marlow (Microsoft Research)
         An Extensible Dynamically-Typed Hierarchy of Exceptions

   15:00 David Himmelstrup (Denmark)
         Demo: Interactive Debugging with GHCi

   15:15 Andy Gill (Galois Connections)
         Demo: Introducing the Haskell Equational Reasoning Assistant

   15:30 Break

   Session IV

   16:00 Program Chair Report

   16:15 Eric Kow (LORIA)
         GenI: Natural Language Generation in Haskell

   16:45 Frederik Eaton
         Demo: Typed Linear Algebra

   17:00 Isaac Jones (Galois Connections)
         Haskell' Status Report -- An Update on the
            Next Haskell Standard

   Session V

   17:15 Discussion: The Future of Haskell

Program Committee

   Koen Claessen, Chalmers University, Sweden
   Bastiaan Heeren, Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands
   Paul Hudak, Yale University, US
   Isaac Jones, Galois Connections, US
   Gabriele Keller, University of New South Wales, Australia
   Oleg Kiselyov, FNMOC, US
   Andres Loeh (chair), Universitaet Bonn, Germany
   Conor McBride, University of Nottingham, UK
   Shin-Cheng Mu, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
   Andrew Tolmach, Portland State University, US

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