[Haskell] Monadic parser combinators with logging

Harald ROTTER harald.rotter at sagem.com
Wed Aug 2 04:52:14 EDT 2006

Dear all,

I am a Haskell newbie and I try to find my way through Monad territory.
Actually I am studying the non-deterministic monadic parser combinators as
descibed by Hutton and Meijer. Although I find this very elegant
and concise I seem to have problems extending the parser monads.
I use

newtype Parser a = Parser { runParser :: (PState -> [(a, PState)])}

as the parsing monad with the Parser state  "PState" that contains the
remaining input after matching and possibly some additional user defined
state elements. I want to add logging such that the application of every
element parser/parser combinator gets recorded in a string. In the end I
want to print out the trace of all encountered parsers for successful and
for failed matches.

I tried to use the WriterT transformer to add a writer monad on top of the
Parser monad but for failed matches (i.e. runParser gives []) the log is
also "lost" since WriterT gives a monad of "m (a,w)". What I would look for
is "(m a, w)".

Finally, my questions:
What is the most elegant way to achieve logging parsers ?
Can I use the standard transformes or do I need to write my own
transformers ?
How can I make the Parser monad given above an instance of MonadState ? (I
always get kind errors ...)

Any hints are really appreciated.

Thank you

Harald Rotter.

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