[Haskell] [ANN] Hazakura - search-based MUA written in Haskell

Jun Mukai mukai at jmuk.org
Wed Apr 26 13:53:35 EDT 2006

Dear all, 

I am pleased to announce the first release of hazakura, a search-based
mail client.

web page (to build): http://www.city5.org/hazakura/
source code: http://www.city5.org/haskellprog/hazakura/

You can get the source code using darcs as follows.
  darcs get http://www.city5.org/haskellprog/hazakura/

Although hazakura is written in Haskell, it uses Hyper Estraier as the
search-engine, and QDBM as storage.  So, you must install these
libraries and their bindings.

QDBM: http://qdbm.sourceforge.net/
  binding: http://www.city5.org/haskellprog/qdbm/
Hyper Estraier: http://hyperestraier.sourceforge.net/
  binding: http://www.city5.org/haskellprog/hstraier/

And also, you must install the following libraries:
 * wxWidgets and wxHaskell
 * Crypto

The current status of hazakura is experimental.  It lacks many
fundamental functionalities and will have many bugs.  But, it works
(i.e. it can send, receive, search, and display mails).

Any comments are welcome.


Jun Mukai
mukai at jmuk.org

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