[Haskell] Haskell.org and Google Summer of Code 2006

Paolo Martini paolo at nemail.it
Mon Apr 24 08:35:53 EDT 2006


more work has been done on the Summer of Code: Project suggestions page 
on the wiki. 

If you are running an active open source Haskell project and you would 
like to mentor some student to work on it, please feel free to add your 
ideas on the wiki!

I think we have a lot of good projects out there waiting for an occasion 
like this one to get some code done.

On a different matter, I recollected some consensus from students on the 
#haskell IRC channel on freenode, they don't seem to be using the 
mailing list a lot.  Dunno if it's the general trend.

Also, here are some of the important steps in the project's timeline:

May 1 - Application period opens for student proposals.
May 8 - Student proposals deadline.
Interim Period - Mentoring organization review and rank student 
proposals, when necessary they may request further detail from the students.
May 22 - Mentors signed up and coupled with student porposals.
May 23 - Google publishes the list of accepted students and proposals on 
his site.
Interim Period - Google begins issuing initial student payments, while 
mentors give student help and guidance on their projects'.
June 26 - Mid-program mentor evaluations of student progress.
July 24-28 - Google gives community update at OSCON 2006.
June 30 - Google begins issuing mid-term student payments.
August 21 - Student projects deadline.
September 5 - Mentor and student evaluations in, Google begins issuing 
final student payments

Good luck, students!


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