[Haskell] Haskell.org and Google Summer of Code 2006

Paolo Martini paolo at nemail.it
Sat Apr 22 19:36:09 EDT 2006

Conal Elliott ha scritto:
> I have some projects I'd like help with, and I'd enjoy mentoring.  Is 
> there any match-making structure yet (even a wiki page) for Haskell 
> mentors and mentees, e.g., listing interest areas and/or specific 
> projects?  Cheers,  - Conal

Hello Conal,

Thank you very much for voluntering!  It is a great pleasure for me to 
welcome you in the group.

David started a wikipage to keep up with the project proposals; it is 
the right place to scribble a slight bit about your ideas, here's the 
url: <http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/Summer_of_Code:_Project_suggestions>.

(Sorry for the duplicate mail, I had lost the first.)

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