[Haskell] QuickCheck revival and Cabal

Koen Claessen koen at chalmers.se
Tue Apr 11 07:02:51 EDT 2006

Dear all,

For the past couple of years, I have been quietly hacking on a brand new
version of QuickCheck with lots of cool features. I have been
distributing copies to some friends, but have not released any official

Now, after lots of peer pressure, the time has come that I want to
release the current version as a Cabal package.

I have been agonizing however over where in the module hierarchy the new
QuickCheck package should be.

There is currently an old QuickCheck version in the standard hierarchy
in Test.QuickCheck. As the new QuickCheck is incompatible with the old
one, I do not want to override that place. Rather, I would like to
create my own little space in the hierarchy where the new version can
sit and develop.

It feels to me that there should be a convention that people use to add
their own contributions to the module hierarchy without the danger of
clashing with other packages.



The first three I like -- but not the last one; I don't want to rule out
anyone else (except for my own colleagues :-) making their own version
of QuickCheck and releasing it somewhere in the tree.

What does one think?


PS1. Previously discussions about this were referred to the libraries
mailing list but I feel that this is of interest to the larger crowd too.

PS2. I welcome myself back to the Haskell mailing list after years of
inactivity :-)

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