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Joost Visser joost.visser at di.uminho.pt
Mon Apr 3 12:03:33 EDT 2006

Hi Chris,

Changes in the libraries of GHC have broken Strafunski compatibility  
in the past. I have not upgraded to GHC 6.5 myself so I'm not sure if  
this is the case again. Which versions of DrIFT and Strafunski are  
you using?

Based on what you write, it seems new instances for Typeable have  
been added to the libs (possibly using deriving), which means some of  
your own instances are now redundant. You'll have to remove them  
(which will then break compatibility of your code with 6.4.1, sigh).

Alternatively, you may consider to switch from the "drift-default"  
mode of Strafunski to the "deriving" mode. This means that you will  
be relying on the Typeable+Data classes rather than on the Typeable 
+Term classes. You make the switch simply by changing the search  
path, all your strategic functions should work like before. I guess  
GHC 6.5 supports deriving both for Typeable and Data (personally, I  
prefer to use DriFT rather than the deriving clause, because it gives  
me a bit more control over visibility of instances). For details, see  
the section "Supported models of functional strategies" in the README  
file of StrategyLib.


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On Apr 3, 2006, at 3:41 PM, Christopher Brown wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to use Strafunski with GHC 6.5 and was wondering if  
> someone could help me. I have all the instances for Term and  
> Typeable defined for my data types, but when I try to compile with  
> GHC 6.5 I get lots of "overlapping instance" errors. In particular,  
> it seems the instances I am using (generated by DrIFT) are clashing  
> with the ones in Data.Typeable. Is there a way I can fix this?
> Also I have heard that it is possible to add "deriving Typeable" to  
> each data type and I don't need to use the instances I have  
> created. However, now it complains that it can't find instances for  
> Term - but I can't derive from Term. Does anyone have any ideas how  
> I can get Strafunski working with GHC 6.5?
> Thanks.
> Chris.
> Christopher Brown
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