[Haskell] reflection/metadata in Haskell?

Mads Lindstrøm mads_lindstroem at yahoo.dk
Thu Sep 22 14:00:48 EDT 2005


> I would rather argue that:
> - Template Haskell approx. *compile-time* reflection
> - Scrap your boilerplate II (ICFP 2004) approx. *run-time* reflection
After given the Scrap Your Boilerplate (SYB) issue further thought, I am
afraid I must say that you are right. What I should have said was that
SYB, opposed to Java-type reflection, has compile-time type checking.
Well, most of its constructs are checked at compile-time.

/Mads Lindstrøm

> - Generic Haskell is effectively a Haskell generator
> Ralf
> P.S.: Another way to get *compile-time* reflection in Haskell is of course type-level programming as pioneered by McBride and Hallgreen ...
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> > I do not know of any Java-like reflection capabilities in Haskell.
> > However, "Scrap Your Boilerplate" (search google) and Generic Haskell
> > can do a lot of the same stuff reflection can do in Java. Think of it as
> > compile-time reflection.

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