[Haskell] reflection/metadata in Haskell?

Mads Lindstrøm mads_lindstroem at yahoo.dk
Wed Sep 21 14:39:34 EDT 2005

Hi Srinivas Nedunuri

> I'm sure this question has been asked before, (but unf. the Haskell archives
> aren't searchable without downloading each month seperately), so I hope

You can search here:

> nobody minds me asking again. Is there any way to get metadata or reflection
> capabilities in Haskell?
I do not know of any Java-like reflection capabilities in Haskell.
However, "Scrap Your Boilerplate" (search google) and Generic Haskell
can do a lot of the same stuff reflection can do in Java. Think of it as
compile-time reflection.


> cheers
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