[Haskell] A Gentle Introduction to Haskell Version 98

Paul Hudak paul.hudak at yale.edu
Wed Sep 14 08:38:28 EDT 2005

Reuben Thomas is not a co-author of the Gentle Introduction, although it 
looks like he's had something to do with the HTML rendering of it.  John 
Peterson would know more about that but I think that he's off-line for 
awhile.  In any case, the non-HTML versions should all be consistent, 
with Hudak/Fasel/Peterson as authors.  I really don't know much about 
the HTML version, except that it's handy to have on-line :-)

   -Paul Hudak

Wolfgang Jeltsch wrote:
> Hello,
> the web page under http://haskell.org/tutorial/ says:
> 	This is the master HTML version of the Gentle Introduction To Haskell,
> 	version 98.  Revised June, 2000 by Reuben Thomas.
> However, the Postscript, gezipped PDF, PDF and DVI versions don't mention 
> Reuben Thomas as co-author and have October 1999 as their date.  The 
> downloadable HTML version doesn't mention Reuben Thomas too and has September 
> 28, 1999 as its date.
> So what is true?  Ist the online version different from the download versions 
> and is the downloadable HTML version different from the other download 
> versions?  Did Reuben Thomas modify the tutorial?  Which versions do contain 
> his modifications, which not?
> Best wishes,
> Wolfgang

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