[Haskell] OOHaskell -- major release of report and library

Ralf Lammel ralfla at microsoft.com
Tue Sep 13 02:18:40 EDT 2005

An extended technical report has been released at:
TR & software: http://homepages.cwi.nl/~ralf/OOHaskell/ 
TR: http://arxiv.org/abs/cs.PL/0509027 

"Haskell's overlooked object system"
10 September 2005, 79 pages

by O. Kiselyov (FNMOC, Monterey, CA, USA)
and R. Laemmel (Microsoft Corp., WA, USA)

Some recently added topics:

- Many Haskell 98 encodings
- Safe value recursion
- Safe downcasts
- Safe co-variant method arguments
- Nominal subtyping
- Iso-recursive object types
- With and depth subtyping

The report describes and classifies all principled, to our best
knowledge, object encodings in Haskell98, with and without common

On the one hand, this report covers many advanced topics, as to make it
interesting for programming language researchers. On the other hand, the
report is detailed and lightweight enough to be useful as an OO-FP

Oleg and Ralf

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