[Haskell] Re: emacs haskell mode

Frederik Eaton frederik at a5.repetae.net
Mon Sep 5 17:09:01 EDT 2005

On Mon, Sep 05, 2005 at 11:48:12AM -0400, Stefan Monnier wrote:
> > Sorry if I've asked this before, but is version 2.0 of haskell-mode on
> > your website really the newest version?
> It's the latest released version.  There's newer code in the CVS, of course.
> > I ask because the file haskell-mode.el says "Version: 1.43" in the header,
> > and I thought I remembered certain bugs being fixed which are present in
> > your version.  For instance, I thought that "\(x)->x" parsed correctly in
> > the latest version, but in the version 2.0 which you distribute, the
> > backslash is still interpreted incorrectly as escaping the parenthesis.
> The backslash problem is only fixed if you use font-lock.  Do you use
> font-lock?  Also it may not work in all versions of Emacs.  Which version do
> you use?

Hmm. I use font-lock, but I use xemacs (21.4). Maybe that's the cause
of the difference.



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