[Haskell] Rewriting Calculi and Higher-Order Reductions - special issue of MSCS

Horatiu Cirstea Horatiu.Cirstea at loria.fr
Thu Sep 1 11:44:29 EDT 2005

                         CALL FOR PAPERS

       Mathematical Structures in Computer Science,
                       Special Issue on

        Rewriting Calculi and Higher-Order Reductions

Following from the success of the workshops on rewriting calculus,
there will be a special issue of the journal Mathematical Structures
in Computer Science (MSCS, Cambridge University Press) on
Rewriting Calculi and Higher-Order Reductions. Submissions for
this special issue are hereby solicited.

The integration of first-order and higher-order paradigms has been one
of the main problems raised since the beginning of the study of
programming language semantics and of proof environments. This has
been handled either by enriching first-order rewriting with
higher-order capabilities or by adding to lambda-calculus algebraic

The rewriting calculus has been introduced as a general means to
uniformly integrate rewriting and lambda calculus. This calculus makes
explicit and first-class all of its components: matching (possibly
modulo given theories), abstraction, application and substitutions.
The rewriting calculus is designed and used for logical and semantical
purposes. It could be used with powerful type systems and for
expressing the semantics of rule based as well as object oriented
paradigms. It allows one to naturally express exceptions and
imperative features as well as expressing elaborated rewriting

This special issue of the MSCS will be devoted to the foundations of
the rewriting calculus and of related systems combining matching and
higher-order features.  Topics for the special issue include, but are
not limited to, the following aspects of these calculi:
  - operational semantics,
  - type systems,
  - models,
  - associated logics,
  - implementation issues,
  - applications.

Submissions should be sent electronically to rho-editors at loria.fr by
15th January 2006 (all submissions will be  acknowledged). Information
about the journal, including style files, can be found at:


Submissions will be refereed according to the usual very high
standards of MSCS. Horatiu Cirstea and Maribel Fernandez will serve as
guest editors for this special issue. Final decisions on editorial
matters rest with the editor-in-chief of MSCS.

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