[Haskell] Newbie quick questions

Mike Crowe mike at mikeandkellycrowe.com
Tue Oct 4 00:01:43 EDT 2005

Hi folks,

I ran across Haskell at the Great Win32 Computer Language Shootout.  A 
friend approached me with a potential large application to develop.  The 
idea of a language which can reduce time to design and make better code 
is very intriguing.

I was looking at prototyping in Python using wxWindows as the GUI.  I 
see Haskell has wxWindows libraries as well.

So, here's some newbie questions I couldn't get from 2-3h on the various 
web sites:

1) Can I develop a Windows application to sell?  Or is Haskell not 
really geared for that?
2) Say a team wants to develop a larger application, like a CRM system.  
In "thinking" in functional programming, can a team split up work and 
implementation and work together?  In other words, how easily does 
Haskell adapt to a team approach?
3) Again, using a CRM tool as an example, what is the advantage to 
developing an application like this in Haskell vs. any other language?  
If I really invest the time, can I get this done quicker in Haskell?  
Sell me on this, please.
3) I'm a very top-down programmer.  I like to start at the "big-picture" 
and work my way down in implementation.  Does this adapt to Haskell, or 
am I missing the point?


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