[Haskell] Survey of Haskell in Higher Education

John Hughes rjmh at cs.chalmers.se
Mon Nov 28 10:39:04 EST 2005

I'm carrying out another survey of the Haskell community, this time to 
find out how Haskell is being
used in university teaching. If you're teaching a course and using 
Haskell in any way, then this survey
is aimed at you! You can find the survey form at


Once again, as a reward for completing the form, you will see the 
results so far!

I'm only surveying courses being taught this academic year, but I would 
like to gather as complete
information as possible. I know that not all teachers using Haskell read 
this list, so I would
appreciate it if you could help me by informing colleagues who are using 
Haskell about the existence
of the survey.

The information gathered will be used in the "History of Haskell" paper 
that I, Simon PJ, Phil Wadler
and Paul Hudak are working on.

Thanks very much for you help!

John Hughes

PS I now have over 500 responses to my earlier survey on use of 
Haskell--thank you very much!
The results are interesting, and can be obtained from 

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