[Haskell] Making Haskell more open

Wolfgang Jeltsch wolfgang at jeltsch.net
Mon Nov 14 05:13:09 EST 2005

Am Sonntag, 13. November 2005 22:21 schrieben Sie:
> [...]

> Hmm, turning off my font settings, it still looks mostly okay. The
> font sizes aren't set in absolute terms in the CSS or HTML anywhere
> that I can see. They're all set to percentages of the default browser
> sizes. Perhaps the problem is that Konqueror is configured to make
> text too small by default and it's not noticeable since many websites
> set absolute sizes? Opening up konqueror on my machine, it seems to
> have a default minimum size of 7pt and medium size of 10pt (In
> Settings -> Configure Konqueror -> Fonts), which are both rather
> small. Changing 7 and 10 to 10 and 12 respectively resulted in a more
> readable size for me.

Maybe I changed Konqueror's font settings already.  The point is that my 
settings are in such a way that text with the default font size is well 
readable while not taking up too much space.  The problem is with 
haskell.org's links.  They have a font size of 80% of the default.  If the 
default font size satisfies me, 80% of it is too small.  If I change the 
default size so that 80% of it produces well readable text, the default size 
itself is too large, IMO.

I wonder why the links have to use a smaller font size than ordinary text at 
all.  This looks especially strange if a link occurs as part of a running 

> - Cale

Best wishes,

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