[Haskell] Making Haskell more open

Mark T.B. Carroll mark at ixod.org
Fri Nov 11 17:26:52 EST 2005

Gour <list at atmarama.org> writes:

> Creighton Hogg (wchogg at lotus.hep.wisc.edu) wrote:
>> Well, you don't have to be registered to post on it, which 
>> is actually rather nice.  
> Hmmm, iirc, gmane.org wanted me to authorize in order to be able to
> post though I do not know what is the present policy.

People's institution's news servers often don't. For instance, for each
of the three news servers I use at the moment, from a "local" machine I
won't be asked for authentication to read and post to comp.lang.lisp.

I also like not having to authorize in some additional manner for
administrative operations. I have many e-mail addresses and automatic
forwarding, so it's annoying to have to figure out which e-mail address
I actually subscribed to the list with and to forge mail from it or have
the system send me password reminders or whatever, so that I can change
my settings. With newsgroups, I choose the "administration" interface,
not the list maintainer.

Also, with a newsgroup, I can come to it as a new user and immediately
have many days' articles available to me in my local newsreading client.
With a mailing list, I have to use the archives to get some recent
history, or wait a few weeks to get a proper feel for group etiquette.

Still, I use Haskell despite mailing lists being a principal means of
discussion. (-:

FWIW, if this gets such that it ought to go to haskell-cafe, I'll be
glad to follow it there. I fear I'm veering too far from important
points of general interest.

-- Mark

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