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Till Mossakowski till at informatik.uni-bremen.de
Fri Nov 11 02:07:53 EST 2005

I have also made nice experiences with MediaWiki/WikiPedia.
However, I think while you can include images on MediaWiki pages,
you cannot include documents (like ps or pdf) - these have to be
external links. Of course, the possibility of including such documents
would be a desirable feature for a system of Haskell documentation
pages. Perhaps it is not too difficult to add this feature for
a MediaWiki expert?

Till Mossakowski

Andrea Sassanelli wrote:
> Sorry to intrude myslf like this in the conversation.
> First of all, let me present myself: My name is Andrea Sassanelli, and 
> I'm Italian. I have just started studying Haskell at the UoEdinburgh 
> this year, and immediatelly fell in love with it.
> On a sidenote, the wikipedia does rely on moderators who review the 
> changes, but common users are able to undo changes as well, and can 
> therefore bring a maliciously messed up page back to it's origiinal 
> state. Basically MediaWiki/WikiPedia rely on the assumption that there 
> are more good folk than bad folk, and this (IMHO) should be even more 
> true in the case of a relatvelly "medium/small-scale" thing like the 
> Haskell Documentation (small compared to a whole encyclopedia, i mean).
> Open documentation like this is definitelly a good idea to make the 
> language docs not only more accessible, but also more user-friendly, and 
> would surely give a positive image to the community as a whole.
> I unfortunatelly am not suted (?yet?) to work on any usefull 
> documentation, as I am a novice, but I think the system would work.
> Andrea Sassanelli
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