[Haskell] Research papers on Advanced Functional Programming?

Johan Glimming glimming at kth.se
Wed Mar 23 04:50:25 EST 2005


I will soon give a course in Advanced Functional Programming at 
Stockholm University
and for this course I am selecting a few research papers. Therefore I 
ask you:

What would be _your_ choice of 5-10 research papers for an advanced 
(senior graduate/D-
level) course on functional programming? Criteria are perhaps something 
   1) the paper addresses central aspects of
      modern advanced functional programming; and
   2) it is suitable for senior graduates (or at least a
      significant part of the paper is).

My particular course, which assumes discrete maths, logic,
data structures & algorithms, and a previous course on functional 
is oriented mostly towards type theory (typed lambda calculi), type 
classes, monads, and
generic programming, but I am curious to what is your general opinion 
about what papers you
think are adequate for this kind of course. As far as I know there is 
no obvious choice of
textbook for this kind of course, although there are of course several 
volumes emitted from
the AFP summer schools.

Yours Sincerely,
Johan Glimming

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