[Haskell] rfc: package mounting

Stefan Karrmann sk at mathematik.uni-ulm.de
Thu Jun 23 15:01:26 EDT 2005

My two cents:

In Coq, cf. <http://pauillac.inria.fr/coq/doc8/main.html> chapter 2.5.1
(Names of libraries and files), there is something similar:

Add LoadPath "physical_path" as <dirpath>.


Add LoadPath "/home/sk/lib/foo" as Foo.

Frederik Eaton (Thu, Jun 23, 2005 at 02:14:00AM -0700):
> Hi all,
> It looks like there's been a bit of recent discussion regarding module
> and package namespaces. There is a certain possible design feature
> that I don't think has been mentioned yet, that I think would be very
> helpful, so I thought I should at least bring it up.
> What I want is to be able to build a module namespace for a program
> out of packages in much the same way that filesystem namespaces are
> built, namely with mounting operations, rather than just by "union" or
> "overlay" operations as in the status quo. In other words I would like
> to be able to specify along with the "-package" option a "mount point"
> for that package in the module namespace. One possible option syntax
> might be e.g. "-package my-graphics-lib -package-base
> Graphics.UI.MyGraphicsLib". (Also, for backward compatibility and
> convenience, packages should probably be able to specify a default
> "mount point", to allow existing compiler command-line syntax to be
> used.)
> Frederik

Stefan Karrmann

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